(Cross Country Skiing was discontinued as an ACAC sport following the 2002-03 season)
2002-03 Male: Earl Zimmer, AUC
Female: Marie Walsh, RDC
2001-02 Male: Scott Van Der Meer, AUC
Female: Holly Nusse, AUC
2000-01 Male: Brent Magnenson, AUC
Female: Kajsa Beck, AUC
1999-00 Male: Jeremy Albert, RDC
Female: Heidi Genesis, AUC
1998-99 Male: Blaine Richter, LLC
Female:Kerry Wilson, AUC
1997-98 Male: Johnny Fenwick, LLC
Female: Sarah Martel, RDC
1996-97 Male: Phil Vermette, NAIT
Female: Deena Hinshaw, AUC
1995-96 Male: Nathan Erickson, AUC
Female: Kathy Roland, AUC
1994-95 Male: Kai Nielson, RDC
Female: Shelanda Kujala, RDC
1993-94 Male: Robert Cameron, NAIT
Female: Berthe Pelchat, NAIT
1992-93 Male: Ken Reid, AVC (Lac La Biche)
Female: Sarah Gawenus, AUC
1991-92         Male: James Manning, RDC
Female: Heidi Weller, RDC
1990-91 Male: Marc Vernon, RDC
Female: Maureen Lees, RDC
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