This award is presented to a team or individual competing in an ACAC sanctioned event, or an event sponsored by an ACAC member institution, judged to exhibit the ideals of fair play. Recipients are selected according to the following criteria: the recipient should demonstrate unquestionably the characteristics of fair play; the award may be given to an individual athlete or team, a coach or an administrator and; behaviours exhibited before, during or after a competition should be given consideration.

Concordia University College of Alberta

Brad Karren, LCC Women's Basketball Coach

Mike Monilaws, NAIT Men's Soccer
Mount Royal Men's Golf Team
SAIT Men's Soccer Team
TKUC Women's Soccer Team

Ursula Andiel, CUCA Women's Basketball

Mark Lund,  MacEwan Cross Country Running Coach
Jules Owchar, NAIT Golf Coach
Eric Pinnell, MacEwan Men's Soccer
Alan Rogan, LC Men's Volleyball Coach
Brian Stackhouse, RDC Cross Country Running Coach
MacEwan Women's Soccer Team
MHC Men's Soccer Team 

Ken Babey, SAIT Men's Hockey Coach
Jason Goode, BBC Women's Volleyball Coach
Brian Stackhouse, RDC Cross Country Running Coach
AUC Men's Hockey Team 
SAIT Men's Hockey Team (* Two-time recipient)
MRC Men's Soccer Team
MRC Women's Soccer Team
BBC Women's Volleyball Team

Kevin Jones & Graham Wood, NAIT Men's Soccer Coaching Staff
Murray Orvis, MacEwan Men's Soccer Coach
Adele Ustupski, SAIT Cross Country Running
Kurt VonHollen, RDC Men's Basketball 
CUCA Women's Soccer Team
MRC Men's Soccer Team
Tawnya Copland, AUC Curling
Nicole Friesen, BBC Women's Basketball
Richard Roberts, RDC Cross Country Skiing
Karen Shulan, NAIT Cross Country Running
Glen Watt, NAIT Canoe Racing
Reta Wright, PBC Women's Basketball
AUC Men's Hockey Team
CC Men's Hockey Team
MRC Men's Hockey Team
NAIT Men's Hockey Team
LCC Men's Soccer Team
LCC Women's Soccer Team
MacEwan Women's Soccer Team
SAIT Women's Soccer Team
KC Men's Volleyball Team

Brian Ellis, MRC Soccer Coach
BBC Men's Basketball Team
AUC Mixed Curling Team
AUC Men's Hockey Team (*Three-time recipient)
MRC Men's Hockey Team
RDC Men's Hockey Team
SAIT Men's Hockey Team
MHC Women's Soccer Team
BBC Women's Volleyball Team
RDC Women's Volleyball Team
Recipient list to come
Ron Lavery 
This award is named in honor of former ACAC Commissioner Ron Lavery, an ardent advocate of fair play, who passed away while serving his 8th year in office. Ron Lavery was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba November 1, 1927 and was raised in the Knowles School for Boys after the death of his mother in 1936. He was in the Lord Strathcona Horse Tank Regiment and did a tour of duty during the Korean War. While in the army, he was a physical education instructor. On November 18, 1950, Ron married Alice, and their family grew to include a daughter and two sons, and later eight grandchildren. After leaving the army, Ron worked for the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation where he was in charge of all the sports facilities across the city. He later was placed as the manager of the Glenmore Sports Complex. He had an immense interest in sports and athletics and believed strongly in fair play and good sportmanship. Upon retirement from the City of Calgary Recreation Department, he became the Commisioner of Athletics for the ACAC. Ron passed away November 25, 1993 while still serving as Commisioner. His dedication to sport in Alberta and commitment to fair play make it fitting that this award is named in Ron's honor. The ACAC has also honored Ron by presenting the Ladies Golf Trophy in his name.
*Thank you to Alice Lavery who graciously provided us with a biography of Ron's life.
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