Mount Royal College, Feb.16-18th, 2008
Mixed Doubles
1   Darren Hong and Laura Fong MRC
2   Jonathan Chang and Natasha Liaw CUCA
3   Romulo Yamsuan and Janci Templeman NAIT
4   Jerry Smith and Natalie Neumann NAIT
C-1   Tyler Harrold and Brittany Cazes RDC
C-2   Tee Jay Groggertt and Heather Lund RDC
Women's Doubles
1   Grace Box and Reshma Bhambhani CUCA
2   Janci Templeman and Natalie Neumann NAIT
3   Michelle Sutanto and Natasha Liaw CUCA
4   Danielle Schmidek and Kelli McLarty MRC
C-1   Laura Fong and Ashley Dixon MRC
C-2   Renee Adams and Gayle Esch RDC
Men's Doubles
1   Michael Chong and Jon Vandervet CUCA
2   Darren Hong and Benson Chan MRC
3   Nathan Kot and Romulo Yamsuan NAIT
4   Tanner Grusie and Jonathan Chang CUCA
C-1   Darren Lund and Tee Jay Groggertt RDC
C-2   Tyler Harrold and Joshua Lehman RDC
Women's Singles
  1 Sun Yang NAIT
  2 Laura Fong MRC
  3 Natalie Neumann NAIT
  4 Natasha Liaw CUCA
  C-1 Michelle Sutanto CUCA
  C-2 Gayle Esch RDC
Men's Singles
  1 Dan Kai NAIT
  2 Darren Hong MRC
  3 Benson Chan MRC
  4 Tanner Grusie CUCA
  C-1 Jonathan Chang CUCA
  C-2 Mitchell Stevenson RDC


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